We Prevent Earwigs from Entering St. John’s’ Homes and Offices

If you’re looking for pest control professionals who can help you with earwigs in St. John’s, then Cabot Pest Control is the company for you. Usually, earwigs thrive in damp settings, and when the temperature drops, they enter your homes and offices. These bugs grow up to 1.5 – 2 centimetres in length and rarely fly. They like moisture (but excess moisture can kill them), so earwigs go looking for a place which is dark, humid, and cool. Although there is no evidence to prove that earwigs transmit diseases to humans, they can be a pain in the neck when they start residing in your home sweet home.


Usually, earwigs are hideous and end up in places where you don’t want to see them. We’ve been helping the residents and businesses of St. John’s avoid earwig infestations for more than five decades. Call us to schedule an appointment.

Are Earwigs Troubling You?

Our pest control experts can help you with earwig situation.

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