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Insect and pest control involves the management or activity curtailment of creatures commonly defined as pests. These are usually insects, birds, or mammals that compromise the health, comfort, and safety of human dwellings. At Cabot Pest Control, we use fully integrated insect and pest control strategies to mitigate the problem, limit the spread, and prevent future outbreaks from occurring.

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Some of the most common pests we manage in the St. John’s area include:

Mice and Rats

Rodents, namely rats and mice, can transmit numerous diseases when a person is bitten or scratched by them, or comes in contact with their feces or urine. If you see a rat, a nest is likely nearby. Many humans are disgusted to find a mouse in their home. This reaction is probably built into our DNA. After all, mice are known to transmit over 11 types of infectious diseases — many of which are known to be fatal. For an infection to occur, one only needs to come in contact with their urine or droppings. Our team can help you remove the rodents and their nests, and prevent the occurrence of future infestations. Click here to read more.


If you see a few ants, there are most likely 3,000 to a half-million more living in a colony nearby. When ants find stored foods in your pantry or on unwashed plates, they will leave a scent trail so others can find the food source. Nests can be located on lawns, in eavestroughs, on walls, under foundations, and even in decaying stumps on the property. We handle all kinds of ants, including pavement ants, European fire ants, red ants, and especially carpenter ants. To see why carpenter ants are such a nuisance, download our carpenter ants flyer. Click here to read more.


Bats have been known to spread rabies, parasites, histoplasmosis, and other diseases, but they are especially destructive to home and building materials. We can use bat deterrents and make recommendations on how to prevent future infestations. Download our bat flyer to learn more about this particular pest.


Bedbugs are notoriously one of the most difficult-to-rid pests. After nearly half a century of declaring the “end of bedbugs” in St. John’s, these pests are back with a vengeance. Bedbug bites can cause serious reactions in humans, as well as greatly disrupt sleep patterns. For help in eradicating, monitoring, and preventing future bedbug outbreaks in your home, call the team at Cabot Pest Control! Click here to read more.

Bird Control

While beautiful out in nature, birds are not so attractive when they set up shop in your attic. Beyond the damage to your home, bird feces can cause a number of health complications in humans, including psittacosis, cryptococcal disease, and histoplasmosis — all potentially fatal diseases. We can effectively prevent birds from nesting in your attic and other areas of your home.


Cockroaches can cause allergic reactions as well as spread salmonella and gastroenteritis. If you spot a roach, egg casings (similar to black beans in appearance), roach feces, or actually smell them, you may have an infestation on your hands. As specialists, we can locate the source of the infestation, eliminate nests, and help you prevent future outbreaks.


Contrary to popular belief, earwigs do not actually attempt to nest in your ears while you sleep. But that still doesn’t mean earwigs are not a nuisance. Most customers enlist our help in controlling earwigs when they begin to decimate their garden plants and seedlings. While their pincers can break the skin in people, attacks on humans are fairly uncommon. Click here to read more.


While generally seen as an annoyance, fleas cause skin irritations to pets and their owners, but also transmit typhus, Bartonella (“cat scratch fever”), and even the plague. For your comfort and that of your pets, we can safely eliminate this pest and stop their rapid reproduction cycle!


Ledges, overhangs, and balconies are all favourite places for pigeons to “do their thing.” A single pigeon can leave a pound of droppings each week. Pigeons can spread disease as well as foul-up outdoor areas. Cabot Pest Control can help remove these beady-eyed pests!


Rodents, namely rats and mice, can transmit numerous diseases when a person is bitten, scratched, or comes into contact with rodent feces or urine. If you see a rat, a nest is likely nearby. Our team can help you to remove the rodents, nest, and prevent the occurrence of future infestations.


St. John’s seagull population is out of control, and it’s not just sites near the city landfill. Pigeons are becoming a nuisance at many residential and commercial sites throughout St. John’s. We have several methods to outsmart these clever gulls. If you see a gull, give us a call!


Out of all the creepy crawlies out there, silverfish are surely some of the most unsettling. Silverfish feed on organic matter, book spines, as well as fungi. To minimize silverfish, you should control moisture on all areas of the property, especially in dark, damp spaces such as crawlspaces, basements, and around plumbing fixtures.

Sow Bugs (Woodlouse)

Sow bugs, pill bugs, or “boat-builders” (as known around these parts) are pests that can cause considerable damage to cultivated plants, including seedlings and strawberries.


While spiders can be helpful in reducing other types of pests, it is always disconcerting in running into their webs in basements, or having a furnace malfunction due to their nests. We can effectively control grass spiders, cross orb weavers, long-legged sac spiders, six-spotted fishing spiders, giant house spiders, goldenrod crap spider, and other varieties. Fortunately, St. John’s does not have any native spiders harmful to humans.


Squirrels can cause damage to your home’s siding, soffits, fascia, and insulation. If you see chewed wires, or hear unexplained scratching or running sounds, you should call out the Cabot Pest Control team to remediate the issue.


You can blame Shakespeare for European starlings in North America. Okay, to be fair, the blame lies with fans of the Bard, who intentionally released a population of starlings in New York City’s Central Park over 100 years ago. Today, “What’s done can’t be undone” (as Shakespeare would say) and starlings have become a nuisance in the St. John’s area. Not only can they devour whole wheat fields, starlings transmit numerous avian diseases harmful to humans.


We wish they’d live up to their nickname (field mice) and stick to the fields, but voles tend to wind up on residential and commercial properties, causing havoc to lawns and vegetation. If you have a problem with voles on your property (or in your home), the only option is to call out a pest control specialist to handle the problem.

Wasps and Bees

Any way you look at it, bees, wasps, and yellow jackets are unwelcome visitors on your property. But, when these winged pests invade your attic or burrow into crevices near your foundation, that’s when the issue truly goes from bad to worse. If you have wasps or bees that are making your living and gardening situation difficult, call out Cabot Pest Control to remedy the issue!

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Call Cabot Pest Control in St. John’s to evict the creepy crawlies from your home or business. Our estimates are always free!

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